The Nigeria Internet Governance Forum Local Multi-Stakeholders Advisory Group (NIGF-LMAG) in collaboration with other stakeholders in the country organized a successful two (2) day 2018 edition of the annual Nigeria Internet Governance Forum (NIGF 2018) at Shehu Musa Yar’Adua  Center in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory with the overarching theme ‘’INTERNET: AN ENABLER FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE’’.  

The first phase of the NIGF 2018 which featured a Pre-NIGF 2018 Youth Workshop for the Nigerian Youths with the Theme: ’Internet for opportunity, value creation and empowerment’’ was held on the 2nd  of July,  at the same venue

Over 500 stakeholders attended the forum including participants from public institutions, private sector groups, civil societies, professional bodies, academic community, trade associations, students and youths, military and para-military organizations, media, security and law enforcement agencies, ICT industry experts, Internet users, and the public.


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